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Mystech provides custom jewelry and items 'charged' with Earth's natural frequency.


Mystech is Dedicated to Improving the Quality of Life through Ancient and Advanced Natural Technologies.



By way of introduction, this video clip from Success, a film by Martez Cornelius, will tell you much about Halo’s passion, purpose, and position in Mystech. 

Halo hosts a radio show every Thursday about things mystical, magical, and metaphysical. Listen to all episodes here!


~~~ With Backgrounds and Studies in a multitude of Scientific and Healing Art Forms, Mystech has truly found a way to bridge what was once considered "Mystic" with our Modern "Technology" to create a process and product unlike anything the World has ever seen:  Mys-tech!  Don't be alarmed, even electricity was once considered "Supernatural" and it's simply just Science.  History is filled with the minds of "Mad Scientists and Crazy Ideas" that, once observed, turned out to be nothing more than incredible moments that were far, far ahead of their time.

Over the years, we've taken this into consideration along with all the things we think we know and all the things we don't know how to explain and searched for common ground.  Through this process we stumbled upon something incredible, and as the rest of the World catches up to this understanding, we will be at the forefront of these revolutionary expeditions. We invite you to use our site and posts as tools of your own self-discovery and finding peace, love, and happiness in all aspects of your life!  Our Ancestors knew that Nature held the keys to so many secrets for our survival and much more; our current Scientific minds find it convenient to trump everything else.  Mystech has chosen to find another way, a way that holds true to our roots while using the best Scientific methods to get the best of both Worlds.  We strive to build a better tomorrow for all aspects of life, preferably one where we live Symbiotically with our planet, Earth.  The Principals are here, the Technology is here.  Why wait? ~~~


“Happiness, Peace of Mind, and Conscious Awareness are the Tools we have chosen to Embrace for the betterment of Humanity.  Our Products are merely stepping Stones to a better you, but the Mystech Movement is a Wave that will Impact a Generation for a Better Tomorrow.  An Awakened Tomorrow.  A Safer Tomorrow.  A Tomorrow for our Children’s Children.  A Tomorrow with a Blue Sky, Clean Water, and a Healthier Happier Man-kind. That Time is Now!  Welcome to the Future.”


My name is Harry Judge, and I met Halo Marques in August of 2019 in the forests of Oregon at Beloved Festival.  Halo was at the festival supporting one of his resellers, and my curiosity called me over to the crowd that was often found around him.  I was struck by his integrity and intent; it was clear that he was there to share and help and heal.  Like hundreds of thousands before me, I took the Mystech Challenge, and was stunned as he demonstrated the instant, seemingly magical effects of the Mystech Technology on my strength and balance.  With years of study of the principles of metaphysics, vibration, and frequency, I immediately grasped the science behind the “magic,” its significance, and its potential.  I purchased bracelets for myself and my partner, and a few months later, after more fully experiencing the profound benefits of the technology, we reached out to Halo to inquire about the possibility of bringing Mystech to Canada.  We felt aligned with his vision of health, positivity, and improving the lives of others with Mystech, and we felt called to share that with our friends and loved ones.

Fast forward to now.   Halo and I have been blessed with some truly remarkable experiences exhibiting Mystech in shows in Toronto and Vancouver, meeting so many wonderful, health-conscious people along the way.  We’re humbled by every piece of positive feedback we’ve received, every story of how Mystech has helped, and we consider it an honour and privilege to now be bringing Mystech to You!  We’re here to share, we’re here to help, we’re here to aid you and yours with the challenges you’re facing now, and the challenges that are to come.  We’ve seen (and felt!) what the power of frequency can do — we believe that you will too...