For a few weeks my 5 year-old son was having nightmares nearly every night. I decided to give this lamp a try and the nightmares and night agitation miraculously stopped. I bring the lamp into my living room everyday and one night I forgot to place it back in the bedroom, and again he was agitated and fearful. I brought the lamp back into the bedroom and he was calm.

It is amazing to see the effects of frequencies on us.  I am so grateful to have found this lamp. I will buy another one for my living room at some point.
Thank you Harry of Mystech"

— Sabrina R., Nanaimo, BC

I purchased the new OCTAVE bracelet and was looking forward to having an experience in improved health on some level. Just wasn’t sure what that would be.  I use tuning forks as a massage practitioner and I know the benefit of various frequencies for improved health.

I put the bracelet on my ankle so as not to get in the way in my work. I did not have any noticed improvement for the first couple of weeks. As a sidenote I have had a shoulder restriction for approximately five years. I have done many ongoing treatments for this such as infrared sauna, acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, and various other healing modalities. Always with some improvement but never complete recovery.

Into my third and fourth week my shoulder restriction eased and now it has been approximately two months and I have complete mobility of it! I am so pleased. I ordered another one to share with my family.  Thank you Mystech"

— Pauline P., Carleton Place, ON

I wanted to reach out and give you a bit of an update as I think you will find it of interest.

Over the last month of incredible chaos and stress (family, financial and business), I have not been sleeping well and it has been an intense struggle to shut down my brain and focus.

About a week ago I started wearing the 852Hz band.  I notice a few things if I really sit with the last week.

- I have been sleeping. Well I might add! And last night I think I started to enter a dream space again. Wow.
- I have been able to touch a deep well or place of peace and calm in the past week - even in the midst of the most challenge. So focus has been easy.

Thank you for your most timely and gracious gift. These are subtle energetic supports and I am beginning to very much appreciate this powerful healing aid."

— Judy L., Calgary, AB

One of our customers gifted her friend a Silver Lightning.  Here's the feedback she received:

"I wanted to thank you sooooo much for the mystech bracelet!  I have not had too much arthritis in my hands or wrists thanks to you!!!"

Followed recently by:

"I fell on the ice and injured my wrists, shoulder, and neck on Thursday.  I thought I would have to take a month off work to heal.  But indeed I do not.  Not even 48 hours later, I am working at almost full capacity.  I'm certain that the combo of the hot cold and rest, and this mystery mystech you gave me pulled the inflammation out of my body and gave me my ability to earn!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!"

— Deedee J., Whistler, B.C.

I have been wearing my Mystech bracelet [Rose Quartz Mineral Stretch] for approximately 6 months and since Day One I noticed a decrease in my arthritis pain. It wasn’t until I took the bracelet off did I really appreciate how much it was actually doing for me.  My mobility is greater and I am able to exercise without feeling sore. 

Even my 86 year old mother noticed a huge difference when I had her try my bracelet. She said she has been sleeping allot better and has no pain in the morning in her hips or feet. She is very active for her age, and the bracelet is going to allow her to continue her healthy lifestyle (hopefully for a long time!). She is going to tell her friends at the retirement home where she lives when she gets home.“

— Joan H., Ancaster, ON

A few months after we heard his story from Ingrid, Rick stops by the Market to meet Harry and shares the fantastic improvements he's experienced -- all from the Level 1 Silicone Band 💫
Carolynne shares how our Pet Power Pendant is benefitting her beloved Shadow -- and surprises Harry with a benefit of her own! 💫
Janie had a recent shoulder surgery and was experiencing limited range of motion. We loaned her 3 Level 2 Mineral Chunk bracelets for 1.5hrs to see what would happen...
This audio-only clip features Ingrid from Salt Spring Island.  She shares how the Level 1 Silicone Band brought substantial improvements in the lives of her and her partner:  energy, mobility, vitality, and more!

I've been wearing a Level 1 and Level 2 Mystech bracelet for 18 months.  I've felt solid, steady, more grounded.  Recently, my mother surprised me with a present, the Pre-5G Bracelet.  Putting on the Pre-5G, I immediately felt what can only be described as an increased or heightened vibration.  I felt more activated, less dull.  What a gift to feel the additional support of the bracelet, not only instantly after putting it on, also that it's continued ever since."

— John J., Calgary, AB

I was feeling pressured and drained by all that is going on, and I was interested in a frequency that would give me more energy.  Right away (after putting on the 111Hz Pendant) the anxiety I'd been feeling about current events just disappeared.  One morning, a few days later, that anxiety came back, and I realized that I had taken the pendant off and forgot to put it back on before going to sleep.  I purchased one for my husband, and he has even more energy now and is just good, he's not as sensitive to outside influences and changes." 

— K.T. & B.T., Gulf Islands, B.C.


I have a few bracelets (the sports band, Silver Lightning, and Solfeggio Intuition band) and a necklace (opal).  I use them when the energies are off.  I am sensitive to planet alignments and the vibrations of earth and the soul collective.  Symptoms include headaches, feeling tired and heart palpitations.  Once I put on Mystech's products the symptoms ease off.  Very grateful to Harry for introducing me to Mystech.  I would recommend anyone who is sensitive like me to have these on hand."

— Amy B., Cookstown, ON

I have been going through menopause over the last couple of years!!! Hot flashes, stomach upset, difficulty sleeping (digestive issues), mood swings and no menstrual cycle. Last Saturday at the market on Salt Spring Island, B.C., I met Harry from Mystech. I bought level 1&2 silicone bracelets and one amethyst bracelet. Within 20mins of wearing them I felt extremely energized and my stomach felt a relief. The best way to describe it was a rebalancing of my chakra system (energy centers) from top to bottom. By the end of the day I was calm, no hot flashes and then the miracle happened!!! My menstrual cycle returned, “I thought that ship had sailed”. It was like a return home, a deep relaxation set in and I slept like a rock. Day 3 and I feel open, happy and truly delighted to have found something that works! Thank you Mystech 🙏🏻❤️🌈"

— Juliette S., Salt Spring Island, B.C.


Last summer I noticed I would wake up at 3 am almost every night and not be able to fall back to sleep. I've never had a problem with sleep. Around the same time, I realized that the cell tower across from me is now 5G. My daughter bought me the Alchemist Lamp for Christmas and I placed it in my bedroom which is directly across from the tower. It was instant! I now sleep through the night. My sleep is no longer interrupted!"

— Hazel, Toronto, ON

We adopted a rescue doggy with a load of health issues as well as deep emotional trauma. We added in a Mystech Pet Pendant after she was in our care for about 5 months. We noticed a huge personality change for the better after about three days of wearing it. Our girl Kuma went from grumbly and not very motivated or active to playful and puppy-like. I am so amazed by this beautiful transformation. Our family is so grateful to Mystech for providing such a life-changing product for our pets. We are customers for life!”

Sheila Trecartin and Family, Cookstown, ON 


I bought the Angelite bracelet and I really think it's a very pretty piece! It's so comfortable and sturdy.  The first few days I wore it, I noticed a sudden difference, and I did have a few amazing sleeps (my husband snores!).  I am happy to be protected.

— Kari, AB

My dog is high strung. He's a little nervous especially out in public. Too much stimulation makes him very anxious. It took about a week, but he has calmed down significantly after I placed the tag on his collar. At our last check-up, even our vet commented that he's a lot more calm. She thought it was maturity...and then I told her about the tag and Mystech!"

— Carolyn, Toronto, ON

On April 17th my girlfriend and I visited Salt Spring Island Market and ran into a kind and charismatic gentleman by the name of Harry who was willing to take the time and go the extra mile walking us through the benefits of what Mystech offers. It was easy to tell It’s a product he believes in and is very passionate about, which is honestly what grabbed our attention in the first place.

Mystech’s technology can be a lot to wrap your head around, but being an audio engineer myself I know that vibrations and frequencies play a huge role in everyday life and emotions.

The moment I put on my Mystech Tungsten Bracelet I felt an instant connection and knew there was something else to it. It’s hard to explain, but the best way I can describe it is I felt a bit less weighted, my chest/stomach area started to buzz or hum almost like I could feel my circulatory system run on a higher level. My girlfriend said the exact same thing about her Fluorite necklace. It could all be in our heads, but something just felt right about it, and Harry went above and beyond to make sure we went home with the items that called to us to put them to the test.

Later the same day when we got home I took off my Mystech bracelet, my watch, and my chain out of habit and almost instantly felt like something was off or not quite right…it then hit me again that there really must be something else to this technology. From that moment on we haven’t taken our Mystech purchases off. We feel like we’re both sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and haven’t felt more in sync with our bodies.

I wanted to wait a few days before writing this to get the full feeling and see if anything would change. Let me tell you this, if there’s one thing my girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier about walking away with from the market…it would be our Mystech items.

Thanks again Harry for being such a great soul."  

— Joseph & Martina, Gabriola Island, BC

I wear a Mystech bracelet that has been charged with the earth’s natural frequency to provide EMF protection and to help with everything from aches/pains to sleep and mood. I can honestly say, I feel a difference when I’m not wearing it." 

— Amy Matysio, Toronto, ON, interview with freshmag.ca

When Kim came to me with the bracelets and asked if I would like to sample them, I was like heck yeah. I'm always open to trying new things. Different and unique and such. So she hooked me up with a white one and a grey one. Naturally I'm a pretty grounded and intuitive gal. So when wearing the bracelets I noticed how I felt an increase in frequency all around. However, I directly felt in my grounding as though I was feeling safer and protected. I felt so connected to earth. My mind had less fog and physically it felt as though my crown was vibrating. I could feel the frequency in myself increase as I put the bracelets on. It didn't necessarily decrease quickly either once I took them off. If you're looking for what I've described and the other benefits of these bracelets, I'd say get yourself one. Why not?!"

— Rose A., Barrie, ON

I’ve been wearing two Mystech bracelets non-stop for a month... a Level 1 & a Level 2.  I noticed that I’ve had more stamina, have been more balanced emotionally, & whenever I begin to feel a bit of physical pain or strain, it usually disappears even before I REALLY start to feel it!!  That is WONDERFUL! And when I’m wearing my essential oils, as well, the excellent effects are definitely even more enhanced!!  💓

My son has been wearing a Mystech Level 1 silicone band.  He is in the process of overcoming some chemical dependency issues.  He told me that the bracelet has helped him in his detox... by diminishing his feelings of depression, and also by helping him to sleep better!!!


  Name Withheld, British Columbia

I'm already a pretty calm person. But with the growing uncertainties of this pandemic I've started to feel uneasy, a little anxious, and stressed.  As soon as I put on my Level 2 bracelets, I felt a calm wash over me. I now feel really relaxed.  They've calmed me right down! "

  Valerie, Toronto, ON

I got a Level 2 bracelet from Harry at a health show almost a year ago and the Pre-5G bracelet about 5 months ago.  My sleep is deep and I feel well-rested in the morning and in a good mood to greet the world.  Shoulder soreness and knee pain has also greatly improved.  My energy level better as well.  I don’t need a nap in the afternoon anymore!  Thanks to Harry and Mystech for improving my body, mind and spirit with these amazing products!"

—  Margaret D., Toronto, ON

I have suffered from digestive issues for years.  As soon as I put my Level 1 bracelet on, I felt a surge of energy in my gut.   I’m now wearing a Level 2 and it has supported me in my 3-month detox and healing journey. 

I've also added the Solfeggio frequency bands to my meditation practice.  I feel they beautifully support and amplify my individual chakra centre work. They’ve really supported a deepening of my practice."

  Carolyn, Toronto, ON

I got the Pre-5G, the Level 1 Band, and am in the trial phases of the Intuition and Transcendence Solfeggio Bands.  I am buzzing on these frequencies!

I also have to say that my sleep has been epic.  So deep and rested and not as much sleep required.  My energy has been balanced, calm, and very centred/clear-minded with loads of stamina.  I recommend these products."


— Kim V., Thornton, ON

The following testimonial is from the couple below.  Two weeks after receiving their first bracelets, they added Mastery Bracelets to their Mystech collection.   Here's the message we received from them later that evening:

Hello Harry,

I wanted to let you know that when we had dinner today, I told him that I had a deep, deep feeling of happiness in me and that I thought it was because of the new bracelet (I also feel whole now!).  He said, I feel the same way, there is a deep happiness in me too...

So there you go!"

— K.T. & B.T., Gulf Islands, B.C.

She > "Physically, I have more stamina.  Energetically, more powerful mediations, and I’m receiving more intuitive insights." (Pre-5G Bracelet)

He —> "I feel more grounded, stable, strong, and confident in what I’m doing — more balanced overall.  I also noticed an old back issue arose and was then quickly resolved.  It felt like it was being brought up to clear it."

— K.T. & B.T., Gulf Islands, B.C.

When I was first introduced to Mystech, I won't lie; I was skeptical. 

It was when I first interviewed Harry for an article about Mystech, and felt his enthusiasm, that I was drawn to trying their products, and I have never looked back.

My first purchase was a Shambala bracelet set (one for myself, and my partner).  I enjoy the fact that Harry followed up with us after the delivery of our products to see how we were feeling. He allowed us to share our story about how it felt, and he continued to check in with us to ensure we were enjoying our bracelets.

I have been so impressed with how it made me feel that I purchased two more bracelets, along with an Ankh lamp that I keep over my bed.  I use that lamp every night, and my sleep has become deeper, and more peaceful.

I want to thank Harry and the team at Mystech for providing such superb products and services.  I highly recommend anyone owning at least one of their products."

— Simone Smith, www.torontocaribbean.com

*Note:  John’s benefits were experienced with him wearing a Level 2 Leather Bracelet in addition to his Level 1 Sport Band 

I could feel the effects in the first few days.  I started to feel more energetic and my sleep was improving.  Within a few weeks my sleep quality was much better.  Usually I have a hard time waking up, snooze is repeatedly used, but since using Mystech I've been consistently waking up energized on first alarm.  I also notice that I'm needing less sleep even waking up before my alarm more often.

My body is feeling more energized and grounded throughout the day. The longer I wear the Mystech the better I feel and the more benefits I discover.  Everyone should give Mystech a try and see what it can do for them.”  

— John R., Toronto, ON

* feel generally calmer, more relaxed, more confident in my recall of information while in conversation, etc.  Less anxiety and reactivity, almost more meditative, more spiritually centred.

* greatly improved sleep cycle, my body “calls“ me to sleep.  Sleep quality is greatly improved as well — I have a much deeper sleep, regardless of the number of hours I get.  (If I wake up in the night for the washroom, I am able to soon fall back into a deep sleep).  Feel like this is translating to much greater physical and mental well-being.

* more focused and can visualize events during conversation, etc. and that aids in retention.

 * I have ‘forgotten’ about arthritic aches that I had been getting and muscle strains heal sooner

 * my increased physical energy level opens up a greater ability to feel lighter about opportunities that flow my way

 * the physical/mental/spiritual benefits are increasing the longer I wear the bracelets, and have been especially noticeable since adding the Pre-5G.”

 — Doreen J., Medicine Hat, AB

Was given a bracelet to try after having a stroke.  I had trouble moving my left side, but once I started to wear it my arm started moving freely so much I took up Zumba.  Visited my stroke doctor and they could not believe how much I have come on.  I will forever keep the bracelet on as it really does help and a stroke you never fully recover from — if I keep it on I will always have that extra help with me.  So thank you Harry for the help, only help I did get as well.”

— Nicola T., Chirk, U.K.

Good Afternoon, Harry and Amanda, I believe these bracelets work as advertised.  Both Wendy and I noticed positive changes in a few days after wearing the bracelets.  We are so pleased with your product, we recommended the bracelets to friends of ours in Everett and they bought a pair from you also.” 

— Joe B., Newmarket, ON

Within 30 minutes of wearing my Pre-5G bracelet my hand was tingling… energy was moving!  For one week, I've worn it non-stop, sleeping in it, showering in it, and I started to notice the arthritic bumps on my fingers are shrinking!  Actually, the arthritic pain in my hands, wrists, and knees has lessened dramatically.  I’m sleeping more deeply too.  Bottom line, I don’t want to take it off."

— Susan S., Calgary, AB

I’m at week two of wearing 3 bracelets; Pre-5G, a tennis bracelet, and the cable expanding bracelet, and there’s no going back!  I’ll be collecting a few more  The first day, my hands felt like brand new hands.  I was able to stretch them and move the joints with no remaining pain (from computer work).  The joints felt fluid again.  I imagine this effect is spreading out across my entire body.  Immediately, I started waking up with the sunrise, without a clock.  It’s as though these bracelets tuned me into the timing of nature.  My sleep is deep, and I feel fully rested on less sleep.  I’m EMF-sensitive, and as far as I can feel, these bracelets have a calming effect on my nervous system, but there’s also a psychological component of feeling PROTECTED.  That thought alone is a powerful shift.  As I see more and more 5G towers going up across Calgary, I don’t feel as compelled to worry or dwell on it.  I’ve also noticed that I have about triple the energy throughout the day, haha! It’s a huge difference.  There’s also small shifts happening in regards to allergies (plugged sinuses and puffy eyes when I wake up), it’s less and less noticeable as each day passes.  Yeah, this is just two weeks.  Excited for what’s to come!"

— Ava M.,  Calgary, AB


When I met Harry I was going through a very stressful and traumatic situation that created so much tension in my body and mind that I was showing signs of physical discomfort.  The moment I put on the Level 2 bracelet I immediately felt a discomfort which transitioned into a drowsiness, and then calmness. When I explained to Harry what I was feeling he asked me if I had slept the night before.  I said that I hadn't, and he went on to explain that the frequencies were magnifying what I needed and so if I felt sleepy it was because I needed sleep.  I took that in and embraced it and after a few hours my symptoms disappeared and I haven't taken it off since.”

— Shanna A., Toronto, ON

Having received my Mystech only a few weeks ago, I can vouch for these life-saving properties.  My mood, balance, sleep, and focus have improved immensely.  So helpful at this wintry time of year.  Thanks!”

— James M.,  Vancouver, BC

I was recovering from whiplash after hitting my head and jolting my neck. I was trying out different holistic healing modalities, and started wearing one of Mystech’s beautiful gemstone bracelets. It helped eliminate the spacey and off-balance sensations that I was experiencing due to the whiplash. I wear it 24/7.”

— S. Huhtala, Sudbury, ON

A cool story I'd like to share with you:

Last time I was at the Oregon Farmers' Market, I gave my mom the extra free bracelet you gave us for purchasing two others.  She was a bit skeptical, but put it on anyway.  A few months later, to my surprise, she called me and wanted me to order her 3 more to give her friends! Apparently, it greatly helped reduce some vertigo she was having!  She continues to wears her bracelet today.  It's great when we can change the minds of the skeptics."

— Maylink, Portland, OR

And here's some testimonials from Halo and our friends down south!


I’m a bit of an audio snob. I have multiple earphones for different purposes from Zoom business calls, to a pair of Bose QC35 ii noise cancelling headphones (over-ear) that have superb sound quality. Understanding the power of frequencies and being a huge Mystech fan of many years, I was curious to try the Mystro Mini ear buds. All I can say is I am completely blown away at this experience. I don’t think is quite describable because it is so different from any other headset experience I’ve ever had. While it’s not in the realm of a closed-ear, noise cancelling Bose headset (that would be an unfair comparison) the sound quality is superb! But it’s far more than that. This is not just about hearing music, it’s also feeling the music. It feels like an instant meditation. It’s instantly calming. Of course that has something to do with my music selection, but this isn’t just an auditory experience. They are light and comfortable, unlike any ear buds I have tried so far. I’m delighted to have these! Another Mystech miracle!

Lynne Snead


I have had this item for many years even with a few pieces falling off due to my fault it still on my wrist... will order another soon... trust guys you won't be disappointed get 1.  Alton

One of many Arizonians positively impacted by Halo’s return to The Copper State! 💫

I first tried this at Conscious Life Expo and immediately felt my energy field to be affected in a positive, powerful way!  My girlfriend got me this as a present and I feel so naked without it!  With lifetime warranty I feel the price is fair — I can’t really put into exact detail on exactly how this affected me positively because I am surrounded by various other awesome healing modalities, but I just freaking love this thing and it makes my heart feel happy and safe and my energy and my blood feels more bright! :)  Fibromyalgia and trauma symptoms are not as loud and I can be on the computer a bit longer without drain!”

— Jay Won

I wasn't sure what to expect adding Mystech products to my life but ordered some bracelets and a necklace, taking a chance. I have had success addressing frequencies in my home through some unrelated frequency / EMF products but nothing wearable until today.  I received 2 copper bracelets just now and within 5 minutes, mild, but persistent inflammation in my right shoulder was already gone. I tested my shoulder with a kettlebell shoulder press.  The lifting pattern was smoother, more fluid, and stronger (a few extra reps), and less neck tension.  I'm awaiting more products with much enthusiasm to see what more can be improved.  To me and probably many of you, frequency / energy products appear suspicious and scammy (I am still suspicious of many that I have reviewed).   This product has already delivered as advertised.  Well worth the price.   I spent many years as a physical therapist treating injured shoulders.  Tendonitis is not easy to get rid of.  These bracelets calmed mine down in 5 minutes!  This business needs exposure and deserves to prosper.  I highly recommend to anyone with body aches and pains to take a chance on these bracelets / necklaces.  Thank you!" 

— Kevin Montgomery, PA

I hate these headphones they changed music for me. What the f**k? I look at all the songs in a diff way now. Before I was like yeah, what a dope song. Now I'm like ready to cry. I listen to sad songs lmao. I hate love them! I'm like wow! Thank you so much!"

— Sonam Yangki, Portland, OR

I had dislocated my elbow in a cycling accident and my arm was stuck at 90 degrees; I lost my flexion, extension, pivot, and had no strength to lift literally anything (I do weight training so, not being able to lift an empty teacup was pretty devastating, to say the least).

I put these bracelets on, did my physical training, and only a matter of months later, I was stronger than before my injury- with still torn ligaments. Not only that - my lifelong OCD and the anxiety that came with it went away, my necessary sleeping hours reduced, my flexibility greatly improved (and I've been doing yoga for half my life), my strength increased, significantly fewer headaches, and other improvements."  

– Nadia Ali

I met Halo Marques back in 2011, I think.  He talked about Reiki healing and crystals.  Everyone thought he was crazy but I was always intrigued, especially when he got rid of my migraines.  Now I've bought a few of his pieces throughout the years, 1 that has always been in the center of every home I've had.  I've always had anxiety but lately my levels have been thru the roof.  I ordered a beautiful rose quartz piece to be greeted with another amazing piece and some of my old faithful white bracelets, which I would rock all the time.  Not lying within 5 minutes of putting the stones on I feel like I can breathe, weight lifting off my chest and my mind feeling light.  I know so many people who feel like me or worse than me, especially right now.  I urge you to take a second and check out what he has.  Feeling like this is worth every penny!" 

– Amanda Mariani, Phoenix, AZ

I got my necklace and my bracelet from Mystech a month ago.  I normally get very bad migraines everyday, I have carpal tunnel in both my wrists, have tried a lot of things to stop the pain but nothing would work.  I tried the Mystech bracelet and necklace and I haven't had pain in my wrist or my head in a month.  I would recommend a Mystech necklace, bracelet, or anything they have if you get bad migraines, or have carpal tunnel!!  I love Mystech, thank you so much Halo Marques for introducing me to it." 

– Chelise Conklin

It's only been a few short months since I was introduced to Mystech.  And with all of the issues it can help with, I've mostly noticed a balance in my moods!!  As well as helping me sleep easier, and more energy throughout the day.  We believe in Mystech so much, we gave my mom, little sister, grandmother and both our cats a piece.  Thank you guys for changing the game!!" 

 – Shanel Dawn

I got my bracelet from Mystech a month ago.  I normally deal with bad anxiety every day.  I have dealt with anxiety for years, I've tried many ways to stop my anxiety but nothing has worked.  Then I tried Mystech and used their bracelet, and I haven't had anxiety in a month.  I would recommend Mystech bracelets and other accessories, or anything they have if you have anxiety problems.  I love Mystech, thank you so much Halo Marques for introducing me to it." 

 – Joey Lederer




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