*Note:  John’s benefits were experienced with him wearing a Level 2 Leather Bracelet in addition to his Level 1 Sport Band 

I could feel the effects in the first few days.  I started to feel more energetic and my sleep was improving.  Within a few weeks my sleep quality was much better.  Usually I have a hard time waking up, snooze is repeatedly used, but since using Mystech I've been consistently waking up energized on first alarm.  I also notice that I'm needing less sleep even waking up before my alarm more often.
My body is feeling more energized and grounded throughout the day. The longer I wear the Mystech the better I feel and the more benefits I discover.  Everyone should give Mystech a try and see what it can do for them.”  
— John R., Toronto, ON

* feel generally calmer, more relaxed, more confident in my recall of information while in conversation, etc.  Less anxiety and reactivity, almost more meditative, more spiritually centred.

* greatly improved sleep cycle, my body “calls“ me to sleep.  Sleep quality is greatly improved as well — I have a much deeper sleep, regardless of the number of hours I get.  (If I wake up in the night for the washroom, I am able to soon fall back into a deep sleep).  Feel like this is translating to much greater physical and mental well-being.

* more focused and can visualize events during conversation, etc. and that aids in retention.

 * I have ‘forgotten’ about arthritic aches that I had been getting and muscle strains heal sooner

 * my increased physical energy level opens up a greater ability to feel lighter about opportunities that flow my way

 * the physical/mental/spiritual benefits are increasing the longer I wear the bracelets, and have been especially noticeable since adding the Pre-5G.”


 — Doreen J., Medicine Hat, AB

Was given a bracelet to try after having a stroke.  I had trouble moving my left side, but once I started to wear it my arm started moving freely so much I took up Zumba.  Visited my stroke doctor and they could not believe how much I have come on.  I will forever keep the bracelet on as it really does help and a stroke you never fully recover from — if I keep it on I will always have that extra help with me.  So thank you Harry for the help, only help I did get as well.”

— Nicola T., Chirk, U.K.

Good Afternoon, Harry and Amanda, I believe these bracelets work as advertised.  Both Wendy and I noticed positive changes in a few days after wearing the bracelets.  We are so pleased with your product, we recommended the bracelets to friends of ours in Everett and they bought a pair from you also.” 

— Joe B., Newmarket, ON

Within 30 minutes of wearing my Pre-5G bracelet my hand was tingling… energy was moving!  For one week, I've worn it non-stop, sleeping in it, showering in it, and I started to notice the arthritic bumps on my fingers are shrinking!  Actually, the arthritic pain in my hands, wrists, and knees has lessened dramatically.  I’m sleeping more deeply too.  Bottom line, I don’t want to take it off."

— Susan S., Calgary, AB

I’m at week two of wearing 3 bracelets; Pre-5G, a tennis bracelet, and the cable expanding bracelet, and there’s no going back!  I’ll be collecting a few more  The first day, my hands felt like brand new hands.  I was able to stretch them and move the joints with no remaining pain (from computer work).  The joints felt fluid again.  I imagine this effect is spreading out across my entire body.  Immediately, I started waking up with the sunrise, without a clock.  It’s as though these bracelets tuned me into the timing of nature.  My sleep is deep, and I feel fully rested on less sleep.  I’m EMF-sensitive, and as far as I can feel, these bracelets have a calming effect on my nervous system, but there’s also a psychological component of feeling PROTECTED.  That thought alone is a powerful shift.  As I see more and more 5G towers going up across Calgary, I don’t feel as compelled to worry or dwell on it.  I’ve also noticed that I have about triple the energy throughout the day, haha! It’s a huge difference.  There’s also small shifts happening in regards to allergies (plugged sinuses and puffy eyes when I wake up), it’s less and less noticeable as each day passes.  Yeah, this is just two weeks.  Excited for what’s to come!"

— Ava M.,  Calgary, AB


When I met Harry I was going through a very stressful and traumatic situation that created so much tension in my body and mind that I was showing signs of physical discomfort.  The moment I put on the Level 2 bracelet I immediately felt a discomfort which transitioned into a drowsiness, and then calmness. When I explained to Harry what I was feeling he asked me if I had slept the night before.  I said that I hadn't, and he went on to explain that the frequencies were magnifying what I needed and so if I felt sleepy it was because I needed sleep.  I took that in and embraced it and after a few hours my symptoms disappeared and I haven't taken it off since.”

— Shanna A., Toronto, ON

Having received my Mystech only a few weeks ago, I can vouch for these life-saving properties.  My mood, balance, sleep, and focus have improved immensely.  So helpful at this wintry time of year.  Thanks!

— James M.,  Vancouver, BC

I was recovering from whiplash after hitting my head and jolting my neck. I was trying out different holistic healing modalities, and started wearing one of Mystech’s beautiful gemstone bracelets. It helped eliminate the spacey and off-balance sensations that I was experiencing due to the whiplash. I wear it 24/7.”

– S. Huhtala, Sudbury, ON

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