I’ve been wearing my Mystech pendant for about 3 years now. I work so hard to impact my physical, mental & emotional health, but some things are unavoidable; like the EMFs emitted by modern technology that is all around us. My pendant is resonating at the soothing 7.83Hz frequency and protects me from the EMFs, allowing them to go through, rather than to get stuck. I can physically feel the difference when I’m wearing the jewelry vs not! I also immediately notice a sense of grounding, better sleep and I don’t feel so likely to react in highly emotional states. I was so impressed by this piece that I purchased bracelets for my husband and son, both of whom never take them off. My 13 year old son says it makes him “feel better” with less headaches and moodiness."

— Rene Connolly, Moms On Mushrooms

The gold dust has been an incredible experience for me. I definitely feel different, with a deeper awareness and connectedness that I wasn’t tapping into before. 

During the breathwork session though… oh my gosh. I was brought to a higher level of feeling .. of energetic ability (and release) and even play even that I’ve not been able to experience for a very long time. So a huge thank you to you for letting me try a bit of it! That was and is a wonderful experience.. which I think is helping me break through some blockages I have held on to and internalized for far too long.
It’s amazing how something so simple can have such an effect ! ✨"

"I shared it with two people yesterday and they were definitely intrigued as they could feel that blissful energy right away."

— Sarah Barker, Medicine Hat, AB

Your bracelet helps a lot with my arthritis pain.  I love it.  I give it a 5 star rating."

—  Liane S., Laval, QC

I moved to Mexico and the house I'm renting came with 5 cats who adopted us! Now we feed the crew and Grace has become a house cat.  She was a little psycho at first and unpredictable. I wondered if she would ever find a calmer life! 

I was asked to take care of my mom's dog Guero whom she has had for a year, while she was away. She spent 2 months trying to tame him as he was a street dog and very reluctant to trust. So he had psychological issues and came across having been abused... 

My mom went away for a month, so he came to live with us. He was fearful and reluctant of JP and definitely showed trauma relating to males. So, here I was trying to build a relationship with these two animals and offering them understanding and I thought they both could use some Mystech magic! I have worn the bracelets, used the alchemist lamps and have had positive results for myself. So I got them each a pet tag. Grace is energetic and communicative but has a calmer vibration! She now likes being petted and cuddles. Guero has also become more calm and predictable. During a recent hurricane, he went for a walk and lost his collar. We noticed his calmness and his behaviour shifted. So, it was a definite sign to replace his tag! I got him a new pet tag! It is a beautiful energy and I am glad I have contributed to our pets' lives with these tags. Just got three more tags for the cats we can touch, some are too feral and we can't even pet them let alone put a collar on them! I just wanted to share our experience in case someone is hesitant to get a tag for a pet. IT is definitely worthwhile.

Mystech products are truly awesome!"

—  Paola Wilson, Mexico

I received my bangle yesterday and felt immediate energy in my wrist where it was placed.  Since I've been wearing it my arthritis pain has lessened dramatically, and rotator cuff pain which I have been suffering from for months has gone overnight.  I had tons of energy yesterday and slept so well.  I'm usually up by 6am and today slept in until 7:30am 😮

Thank you, thank you, I am so grateful for a product that is natural, and not a drug, that really works.  And is beautiful at the same time. 😁"

—  Sylvia Peniuk, BC

The 111Hz Pendant is powerful.

My sleep state feels truly protected.  Dreams have been all very grounding in what I get to do and be for my community NOW.  I am also experiencing great power of my voice: courageously saying what I mean and asking for what I need in the moment.  I feel a new focus on moment by moment creative pursuit of my goals and the outside influences no longer implanting in mind -- literally bouncing off me..."

—  Veronica Campbell, Toronto, ON

I have big mood swings and the necklace helped me ground and lessened my mood swings a lot, making me less angry.  Thanks a lot!!"

—  Alexis Cummings, West Kelowna, BC

Hi Harry, I bought what looked like a chakra stones bracelet from you at the Sat market on Salt Spring Island a few weeks ago. It’s infused with 15 different frequencies. My husband was not pleased I spent what I did for it and he was skeptical. Immediately after putting it on I felt a bit spaced, lightheaded but not uncomfortably so. I wore it night and day feeling very centered. I get very positive energies from it.

My husband and I both suffer from motion sickness. We’re both very sensitive to the slightest motion resulting in nausea lasting hours after.

Last week we flew into Las Vegas and we experienced intense turbulence, jostling around, dropping in altitude… it was one of the roughest I’ve ever experienced. I would normally be grabbing for the airsickness bag. My husband and I couldn’t believe it, but I didn’t experience ANY motion sickness… NONE!! I was carrying on a conversation with the person next to me throughout the whole ordeal without feeling a hint of nausea! I’m amazed… my husband is amazed (he was sick for hours after landing)  I thank my guides who led me to you and this quantum bracelet that day. 🙏🏼”

—  Denise Turnbull, Chilliwack, BC

I was on a sailing vacation with my family when I met Harry at the Mystech booth. I am 62 and strong but the sailing took a toll on my body with my knees being the strongest impacted by the new movement. I purchased 2 Mystech items from Harry [432Hz Pendant and Cable Expanding Bracelet], and found, by the time I left his booth, the pain in my knees was starting to subside. By the second day, the pain was almost totally gone. I also noticed I was much calmer than normal. Since wearing my Mystech I have more focus, my running is stronger and longer, and aches and pains come and go more quickly. I feel more centered and present which leads to a greater sensation of being connected to life. Mystech is helping me evolve my journey of healing. I am very grateful to have them be a part of my life."

— Alyson, Seattle, WA

When I arrived at the Mystech Canada booth, someone had me put my arm straight out beside me.  They told me to resist as they tried to push my arm down ~ after a few moments they managed to push my arm down without too much effort.   Then, they put a bracelet near my left foot and this time they literally could not push my arm down no matter how hard they tried.

A friend had a booth down at the Yoga show and so I had a free pass.  I thoroughly enjoyed seeing some of the various booths and deeply enjoyed many of the beautiful conversations with people who truly had so much passion for what they were doing whether it was selling healthy snacks, promoting a retreat center in the mountains of Costa Rica, selling stunning gemstones or selling these almost magical bracelets that actually seem to give you special powers when you are wearing them.

Harry had a lovely grounded, positive energy and I spent a few moments talking with him.  

Apparently, these bracelets are infused with a certain frequency that somehow allows ElectroMagnetic  Fields (EMF's), that we are surrounded by, to pass through us instead of getting 'stuck' within us.  I was amazed.

I bought a basic bracelet.

I ended up focusing more on my writing in the days following the show than I felt I had done in years.  I actually felt more at peace with myself, less scattered, in a sense I felt more 'whole'.   Perhaps this 'protection' from the EMF's was an important piece of the healing journey."

— Reuben Berger, Toronto, ON 

visit Reuben's Blog, A Poet's Tale


I was first introduced to Mystech February 12th 2023 at the 30th Annual Wellness Show in Vancouver.  I have been a volunteer fitness instructor for over 25 years and have suffered many injuries over my active years since high school.  I’ve always been somewhat skeptical about all these health products that claim they can cure anything; however, I have been having challenges with knee and back pains from past injuries and since December 2020, have been in need of a double knee replacement.  I had purchased a Level 2 cable bracelet and found it did not help my pains at all.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee for the bracelets and so I reached out to Harry at Mystech.  He suggested that I try adding on a higher strength bracelet (the dual-frequency OCTAVE).  How can you pass up a 30 day money back guarantee if the Mystech bracelet can diminish my aches and pains to give me a better quality of life?  I went with his suggestion and found that my pains did not fully go away; however, definitely diminished to the point that I stopped taking cannabis oil (without THC) and NEM (Eggshell membrane) that I was taking to manage my pains.  I do not believe in taking pain killers unless I have to.  I have now purchased another Octave and returned the cable bracelet and wear 2 bracelets (2 dual-frequency Octaves).  My aches and pains have diminished by 80% and my sleep is much better.  
Invest in your health is what I’ve always believe in.  You are worth it!"


— Debbie Jay, Burnaby, B.C

My husband was in a horrific accident that left him with an amputation of his leg, brain injury as well as torn tendons and ligaments.... He was deeply burdened with phantom limb pain in his residual limb as well as other body pain from tears and deep bruising that occured during the accident. He has been waiting for surgery to repair the tears but since wearing Mystech's Pre5G - Schumann, Sun & Silver, the OCTAVE, Dragon Triiibe and Silver Lightning bracelets, he is 75% better and sleeping well again. This healing has occured with only 4 months of wearing Harry's bracelets!! Our doctor's cannot believe it and say he would have eventually healed post surgically, but they're the same ones who tell us phantom limb pain never completely disappears.... and after a year, we are still waiting for the consult to see a surgeon; which won't happen thanks to Mystech.

I have had much relief for PTSD,  fibromyalgia and pain in my neck, shoulders and back, due to 4 MVA's over 45 years. I am also sleeping much better and have increased energy throughout the day. My body "craves" my Pre5G necklace and Mastery bracelets. I won't go the day without putting them on - they're like my eyeglasses - can't be without them! 

After hearing about my husband's healing, our family has started to purchase Mystech as well. My 75 year old mother didn't want to research the technology and was very pessimistic. After wearing my brother's OCTAVE bracelet for only 2 hours, she asked what to expect. My brother asked her what she felt was different. She kept turning over her hands back and forth, saying "I don't know, but my hands don't hurt. Its the first time in 25 years that they are pain free". She has been under a pain specialist's care for years for percocet medication to help alleviate her arthitic hands, hips and back. She no longer needs her meds on a regular basis. What a miracle!! 

My father also wears the OCTAVE now and suffers much less back and knee pain - he is 83 and I have never seen him wear jewellery in his life - he hasn't taken off the OCTAVE since putting it on 2 months ago ;)

This technology Harry shares is a game changer! Frequency can harm or heal, and Harry has found the magic frequencies that heal. What a huge huge blessing this is to myself, my family, and my friends. Thank you Harry!!"

— Marie, Saskatchewan


Hello Harry,

I received my bracelets. The Apatite bracelet is beautiful. The elastic feels strong and the fit is perfect. I slept with the purple level 1 silicone band and the solfeggio  SI Transcendence band (the other bands i gave to friends).This is what I experienced: For some background information I am someone who is very sensitive to energy. I am a doctor of naturopathic medicine and I like to work with energy medicine such as tuning forks, reiki, bio-geometry and various hands on treatments as well. I would say I am someone who naturally can feel energy quite well. I can barely tolerate being near my cell phone which as lots of corrections on it. I dislike LED lighting, wifi etc...I am also not a good sleeper. Normally I can feel/hear EMF. This is hard to describe and I am not always sure exactly what is is I am sensing. This is more pronounced at night when it is quiet. I use the word "hear" but I am not sure if this is the proper terminology. I will sense a "whomp whomp' and various high pitched squealing sounds that tend to cycle. These I would term as the artificial or harmful energies. I also can sense more friendly or angelic energy which is totally different. When wearing the bracelets the negative artificial energies seem to dissipate and I feel quiet. There is is a background hum of the cosmos or perhaps my own energy field. I slept more deeply and feel more peaceful. This is very encouraging so far. At this point I believe I can still sense the cell phone. I am likely going to purchase the pre-5G when my budget allows. I am very pleased I came across these products." 

— Theresa MacLean, Berwick, N.S.

Theresa shared an update on her progess:

"I have been wearing my bracelets for about 4 months now. Over this time I have noticed another significant change. Prior to wearing the brackets when I slept I would wake every 90 minutes or so because my hip felt sore and I would roll over to the other side and do this all night. Now I only do this maybe once a night. I am very happy with this because it has really improved my sleep and comfort at night. When I tell my friends they want a bracelet. I highly recommend these products. They do work!"

This is a testimonial for Mystech Alchemist Lamp.

I had created an art corner in my home by a window of natural light. My first sitting, I felt weird and got blurry vision after about 10 minutes. What I realized is my chair was 3 feet away from my Starlink Router and 12 feet above my head on our roof was our Starlink Dish!
I had been using the Ankh lamp by my computer, in my bedroom ... So I placed it directly in front of the router to see its effect. Instantaneously, my blurred vision cleared up and I felt fine. It was such an awesome feeling! I took a picture and wanted to share my experience with Harry! Which is how I came to write this testimonial!

It feels like a protective field is turned on in front of the router. I feel a gentle calm energy in the corner now! Confirmation to me that we can modify our energetic environments with these amazing Mystech products.

Harry was happy to hear about my experience ! I hope anyone who lives with EMF, routers, towers near by, considers using these beautiful lamps to enhance in beauty and protection their precious living space!”

— Paola, Melaque, Mexico

I first heard about Mystech while at my doctor’s office and was immediately interested. My first purchase was a custom-made Mastery Bracelet and a set of the wireless earbuds.  Within hours of wearing my Mastery Bracelet I could feel the intense energy of it energizing me.  Over the next month I found myself feeling more clear minded with way less brain fog.  It gives me a deep grounded feeling.  I find that I am less irritated, and even in stressful situations I am much calmer.  What I like the most about this jewelry is that it is with me always, keeping me consistently aligned and protected.  I have a job where I am listening to music up to 4 hours a day and to say the the ear buds are a game changer is an understatement. So often when I am listening to my music now, I “feel” the music within my body, in the form of full body shivers or across the bridge of my nose. I’ve just recently added the 111 Hz pendant and am loving the new frequency. I know over time I will continue to feel even better and love the effects even more. Once you experience the benefits of your first piece you won’t be able to deny how amazing they help you feel! Harry is so passionate about what he is doing and it shows! He takes the time to answer any questions you may have and takes the opportunity to connect in person if possible which is so extra these days setting him and Mystech apart from other businesses out there.”

— Rebecca B., Medicine Hat, AB

Thank you so much for the Pet Powder Pendants for my two Siamese lads, Furby and Marty.
Furby is a 12-year-old who suffers from separation anxiety when his favorite human is not around.  He had left his mother and siblings at a young age of 5 weeks old.  Furby often cries when he is left alone.  Within an hour of wearing his pendant, Furby has been more independent and doesn't cry anymore when he's left alone by himself.  
Marty is a 9-year-old who suffers from arthritis in his lower back and shoulders.  When he was young, he played too hard with his toys on our hardwood flooring.  Marty's circulation hasn't been great the past couple of years in the windy cold months.  He doesn't move around much because his body is very achy and stiff.  Within a few hours of wearing his pendant, he was able to play and gallop around the house again.   

Thank you, Harry, your pendants have been a real game changer!”

— Betty, Furby and Marty, Victoria, BC


Hi Harry

First wanted to tell you how absolutely amazing I'm feeling with my Mystech bracelet and pendant.  I really can't believe it!  Starting to experience better sleep too!  Yeah!  I gave the black band to my teenage granddaughter and she's reporting feeling calmer, more relaxed and I noticed it too.  A really good thing!!"  

— Suzie P., Victoria, BC


Hi everyone.

When I was at our Saturday Market 5 months ago I picked up a card and went online to see all about Mystech. I won't lie; I was skeptical at that point and thought "OH IT'S JUST ANOTHER THING saying it will help you" so did not do anything about it but then a friend told me again about it as she was wearing a 5G necklace and said "hey you should try this" so that night I went into it again.

It was then I thought, "well, cannot lose" as I was not doing well health-wise because I was reacting to wifi and EMF where I could not be outside more than 5 minutes and my hands -- the skin would starting baking off and the burning of my skin and on my legs were starting to have the same problem.   Headaches were getting bad where i was having them all the time.   Finally we noticed people around us were putting on a [wifi] booster and an island across from us were having boosters on the [cell] towers so it was coming right at us.

I ordered a 5G necklace on the site. It was when I first interviewed Harry more about Mystech, and felt his enthusiasm, that I was drawn to trying their products.  I first started with the Pre-5G Pendant and within 3 days my hands were all back to normal:  no itching, no burning and can be outside for 1 hour now (1 month later).

I also purchased the Mystech Mastery Bracelet and the 111Hz Pendant and am having amazing feelings:  getting more energy, my Lupus is not there, and fewer headaches.   I have to say it is a relief that I can go out and feel like I can finally smell the fresh air.   I have had a lab test to see what my white cells are doing and the doctor could not believe the improvement, it is all back in order.

I want to say Thanks so much to Harry"

Vi, Salt Spring Island, BC

Hi Harry,

We met Aug 20 on Salt Spring at the Market.  My name is TJ and I am Cancer Patient.  You suggested I get the 111Hz necklace and the OCTAVE band.  I purchased the necklace and since wearing it my feet don’t swell up at night, unless I eat too much sugar.  I’ve noticed changes in my sleep as well as how I feel over all.  I can get up from sitting and not be in so much discomfort and pain.  My arthritis is more bearable in my hands and arm. 

I am totally loving my necklace and it’s been great feeling as close to normal as could be after all the treatment.   I have been sharing how things are going with friends as they see the changes as well and ask what is different.

Again thank you.  It's been over a year since I felt this good.”

 — TJ Metsger, Victoria, BC

The following is the testimonial I would like to provide for my experience with Mystech products. 

The first day I wore the hematite bracelet and the OCTAVE band, I felt incredible. I remember about an hour after putting them on, I was feeling charged up and activated. I really noticed it while I was walking along a path to the water. The path was rocky much like a little hiking trail, and with every step I took, I felt stronger and more aligned. I could feel that I was walking with conviction.

After the walk, I was ready to keep going. I felt so alive, energetic, and extremely happy. My mood was elevated as was my motivation to be active. I just kept smiling and mentioning how good I felt. And best of all, the pain in my back had significantly reduced. In fact, I didn’t feel it at all!! I was astounded.

This technology is real and I believe the key to healing is as a Tesla says, through energy, frequency, and vibration.

I am so grateful to have found Mystech and to have the opportunity to share my experience with you.

Thank you,”

 — Vienna M., Edmonton, AB


I purchased a Level 2 Labradorite bracelet and I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. It has been life changing for me. I am now more connected to my intuitive abilities. I am still working towards accessing my Akashic records but I have experienced lots of changes in my mood, I am able to balance my energy better and I feel as though my overall state is of a higher vibration than before owning the bracelet.

I have recently purchased a Level 1 sports band for my husband to try — I think he sees the changes in me, and is now interested — and I do hope he too experiences the benefits of your amazing products. I also ordered the OCTAVE band for myself, I am truly looking forward to unlocking the next phase of my spiritual and physical well being.  Warm regards,”

— Martina M., Victoria, BC

I suffered from acute wrist pain due to arthritis, tried braces and other means of movement and pain control to no avail.
Since I bought the bracelet, and I am wearing it on the affected wrist, my pain has markedly decreased. It’s still there but so subtle that some days I have forgotten all about it. Thank you for your wonderful product!! I will be looking into more. Regards,”

— Kelly M., Ladner, BC

My sister, Mary Ann Smithwick, has had many health challenges and is affected by EMF's in a big way.  She is recovering from hip surgery and has been unable to drive.  The day she received her bracelet she literally felt a surge of energy and decided it was time to start driving again.  She spent the entire day driving around, doing errands and feeling more energetic than she has felt in months.  The next day it was more of the same.  This bracelet is a game changer!”

— Rita T., Kelowna, BC

I can’t say enuff about these products OMG! I have complex regional pain syndrome which affects my foot and is quite painful, within a week of wearing a bracelet my foot is better the swelling is down I don’t take any Advil and feel much better.  As well, with low energy and a bit of depression, again within a week I’ve had more energy and I sleep good — this product is amazing! Not only does it make you feel better the jewellery is nice. I will be buying more and I recommend everybody have these it’s just so helpful for everything I feel so much more alive! Thank you so much for introducing me to this product and I will definitely be spreading the word!”

— Vickie G., Salt Spring Island, BC

For a few weeks my 5 year-old son was having nightmares nearly every night. I decided to give this lamp a try and the nightmares and night agitation miraculously stopped. I bring the lamp into my living room everyday and one night I forgot to place it back in the bedroom, and again he was agitated and fearful. I brought the lamp back into the bedroom and he was calm.

It is amazing to see the effects of frequencies on us.  I am so grateful to have found this lamp. I will buy another one for my living room at some point. Thank you Harry of Mystech"

— Sabrina R., Nanaimo, BC

I purchased the new OCTAVE bracelet and was looking forward to having an experience in improved health on some level. Just wasn’t sure what that would be.  I use tuning forks as a massage practitioner and I know the benefit of various frequencies for improved health.

I put the bracelet on my ankle so as not to get in the way in my work. I did not have any noticed improvement for the first couple of weeks. As a sidenote I have had a shoulder restriction for approximately five years. I have done many ongoing treatments for this such as infrared sauna, acupuncture, chiropractor, massage, and various other healing modalities. Always with some improvement but never complete recovery.

Into my third and fourth week my shoulder restriction eased and now it has been approximately two months and I have complete mobility of it! I am so pleased. I ordered another one to share with my family.  Thank you Mystech"

— Pauline P., Carleton Place, ON

I wanted to reach out and give you a bit of an update as I think you will find it of interest.

Over the last month of incredible chaos and stress (family, financial and business), I have not been sleeping well and it has been an intense struggle to shut down my brain and focus.

About a week ago I started wearing the 852Hz band.  I notice a few things if I really sit with the last week.

- I have been sleeping. Well I might add! And last night I think I started to enter a dream space again. Wow.
- I have been able to touch a deep well or place of peace and calm in the past week - even in the midst of the most challenge. So focus has been easy.

Thank you for your most timely and gracious gift. These are subtle energetic supports and I am beginning to very much appreciate this powerful healing aid."

— Judy L., Calgary, AB

One of our customers gifted her friend a Silver Lightning.  Here's the feedback she received:

"I wanted to thank you sooooo much for the mystech bracelet!  I have not had too much arthritis in my hands or wrists thanks to you!!!"

Followed recently by:

"I fell on the ice and injured my wrists, shoulder, and neck on Thursday.  I thought I would have to take a month off work to heal.  But indeed I do not.  Not even 48 hours later, I am working at almost full capacity.  I'm certain that the combo of the hot cold and rest, and this mystery mystech you gave me pulled the inflammation out of my body and gave me my ability to earn!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!"

— Deedee J., Whistler, B.C.

I have been wearing my Mystech bracelet [Rose Quartz Mineral Stretch] for approximately 6 months and since Day One I noticed a decrease in my arthritis pain. It wasn’t until I took the bracelet off did I really appreciate how much it was actually doing for me.  My mobility is greater and I am able to exercise without feeling sore. 

Even my 86 year old mother noticed a huge difference when I had her try my bracelet. She said she has been sleeping allot better and has no pain in the morning in her hips or feet. She is very active for her age, and the bracelet is going to allow her to continue her healthy lifestyle (hopefully for a long time!). She is going to tell her friends at the retirement home where she lives when she gets home.“

— Joan H., Ancaster, ON

A few months after we heard his story from Ingrid, Rick stops by the Market to meet Harry and shares the fantastic improvements he's experienced -- all from the Level 1 Silicone Band 💫
Carolynne shares how our Pet Power Pendant is benefitting her beloved Shadow -- and surprises Harry with a benefit of her own! 💫
Janie had a recent shoulder surgery and was experiencing limited range of motion. We loaned her 3 Level 2 Mineral Chunk bracelets for 1.5hrs to see what would happen...
This audio-only clip features Ingrid from Salt Spring Island.  She shares how the Level 1 Silicone Band brought substantial improvements in the lives of her and her partner:  energy, mobility, vitality, and more!

I've been wearing a Level 1 and Level 2 Mystech bracelet for 18 months.  I've felt solid, steady, more grounded.  Recently, my mother surprised me with a present, the Pre-5G Bracelet.  Putting on the Pre-5G, I immediately felt what can only be described as an increased or heightened vibration.  I felt more activated, less dull.  What a gift to feel the additional support of the bracelet, not only instantly after putting it on, also that it's continued ever since."

— John J., Calgary, AB

I was feeling pressured and drained by all that is going on, and I was interested in a frequency that would give me more energy.  Right away (after putting on the 111Hz Pendant) the anxiety I'd been feeling about current events just disappeared.  One morning, a few days later, that anxiety came back, and I realized that I had taken the pendant off and forgot to put it back on before going to sleep.  I purchased one for my husband, and he has even more energy now and is just good, he's not as sensitive to outside influences and changes." 

— K.T. & B.T., Gulf Islands, B.C.


I have a few bracelets (the sports band, Silver Lightning, and Solfeggio Intuition band) and a necklace (opal).  I use them when the energies are off.  I am sensitive to planet alignments and the vibrations of earth and the soul collective.  Symptoms include headaches, feeling tired and heart palpitations.  Once I put on Mystech's products the symptoms ease off.  Very grateful to Harry for introducing me to Mystech.  I would recommend anyone who is sensitive like me to have these on hand."

— Amy B., Cookstown, ON

I have been going through menopause over the last couple of years!!! Hot flashes, stomach upset, difficulty sleeping (digestive issues), mood swings and no menstrual cycle. Last Saturday at the market on Salt Spring Island, B.C., I met Harry from Mystech. I bought level 1&2 silicone bracelets and one amethyst bracelet. Within 20mins of wearing them I felt extremely energized and my stomach felt a relief. The best way to describe it was a rebalancing of my chakra system (energy centers) from top to bottom. By the end of the day I was calm, no hot flashes and then the miracle happened!!! My menstrual cycle returned, “I thought that ship had sailed”. It was like a return home, a deep relaxation set in and I slept like a rock. Day 3 and I feel open, happy and truly delighted to have found something that works! Thank you Mystech 🙏🏻❤️🌈"

— Juliette S., Salt Spring Island, B.C.


Last summer I noticed I would wake up at 3 am almost every night and not be able to fall back to sleep. I've never had a problem with sleep. Around the same time, I realized that the cell tower across from me is now 5G. My daughter bought me the Alchemist Lamp for Christmas and I placed it in my bedroom which is directly across from the tower. It was instant! I now sleep through the night. My sleep is no longer interrupted!"

— Hazel, Toronto, ON

We adopted a rescue doggy with a load of health issues as well as deep emotional trauma. We added in a Mystech Pet Pendant after she was in our care for about 5 months. We noticed a huge personality change for the better after about three days of wearing it. Our girl Kuma went from grumbly and not very motivated or active to playful and puppy-like. I am so amazed by this beautiful transformation. Our family is so grateful to Mystech for providing such a life-changing product for our pets. We are customers for life!”

Sheila Trecartin and Family, Cookstown, ON 


I bought the Angelite bracelet and I really think it's a very pretty piece! It's so comfortable and sturdy.  The first few days I wore it, I noticed a sudden difference, and I did have a few amazing sleeps (my husband snores!).  I am happy to be protected."

— Kari, AB

My dog is high strung. He's a little nervous especially out in public. Too much stimulation makes him very anxious. It took about a week, but he has calmed down significantly after I placed the tag on his collar. At our last check-up, even our vet commented that he's a lot more calm. She thought it was maturity...and then I told her about the tag and Mystech!"

— Carolyn, Toronto, ON

On April 17th my girlfriend and I visited Salt Spring Island Market and ran into a kind and charismatic gentleman by the name of Harry who was willing to take the time and go the extra mile walking us through the benefits of what Mystech offers. It was easy to tell It’s a product he believes in and is very passionate about, which is honestly what grabbed our attention in the first place.

Mystech’s technology can be a lot to wrap your head around, but being an audio engineer myself I know that vibrations and frequencies play a huge role in everyday life and emotions.

The moment I put on my Mystech Tungsten Bracelet I felt an instant connection and knew there was something else to it. It’s hard to explain, but the best way I can describe it is I felt a bit less weighted, my chest/stomach area started to buzz or hum almost like I could feel my circulatory system run on a higher level. My girlfriend said the exact same thing about her Fluorite necklace. It could all be in our heads, but something just felt right about it, and Harry went above and beyond to make sure we went home with the items that called to us to put them to the test.

Later the same day when we got home I took off my Mystech bracelet, my watch, and my chain out of habit and almost instantly felt like something was off or not quite right…it then hit me again that there really must be something else to this technology. From that moment on we haven’t taken our Mystech purchases off. We feel like we’re both sleeping better, waking up more refreshed, and haven’t felt more in sync with our bodies.

I wanted to wait a few days before writing this to get the full feeling and see if anything would change. Let me tell you this, if there’s one thing my girlfriend and I couldn’t be happier about walking away with from the market…it would be our Mystech items.

Thanks again Harry for being such a great soul."  

— Joseph & Martina, Gabriola Island, BC

I wear a Mystech bracelet that has been charged with the earth’s natural frequency to provide EMF protection and to help with everything from aches/pains to sleep and mood. I can honestly say, I feel a difference when I’m not wearing it." 

— Amy Matysio, Toronto, ON, interview with freshmag.ca

When Kim came to me with the bracelets and asked if I would like to sample them, I was like heck yeah. I'm always open to trying new things. Different and unique and such. So she hooked me up with a white one and a grey one. Naturally I'm a pretty grounded and intuitive gal. So when wearing the bracelets I noticed how I felt an increase in frequency all around. However, I directly felt in my grounding as though I was feeling safer and protected. I felt so connected to earth. My mind had less fog and physically it felt as though my crown was vibrating. I could feel the frequency in myself increase as I put the bracelets on. It didn't necessarily decrease quickly either once I took them off. If you're looking for what I've described and the other benefits of these bracelets, I'd say get yourself one. Why not?!"

— Rose A., Barrie, ON

I’ve been wearing two Mystech bracelets non-stop for a month... a Level 1 & a Level 2.  I noticed that I’ve had more stamina, have been more balanced emotionally, & whenever I begin to feel a bit of physical pain or strain, it usually disappears even before I REALLY start to feel it!!  That is WONDERFUL! And when I’m wearing my essential oils, as well, the excellent effects are definitely even more enhanced!!  💓

My son has been wearing a Mystech Level 1 silicone band.  He is in the process of overcoming some chemical dependency issues.  He told me that the bracelet has helped him in his detox... by diminishing his feelings of depression, and also by helping him to sleep better!!!


  Name Withheld, British Columbia

I'm already a pretty calm person. But with the growing uncertainties of this pandemic I've started to feel uneasy, a little anxious, and stressed.  As soon as I put on my Level 2 bracelets, I felt a calm wash over me. I now feel really relaxed.  They've calmed me right down! "

  Valerie, Toronto, ON

I got a Level 2 bracelet from Harry at a health show almost a year ago and the Pre-5G bracelet about 5 months ago.  My sleep is deep and I feel well-rested in the morning and in a good mood to greet the world.  Shoulder soreness and knee pain has also greatly improved.  My energy level better as well.  I don’t need a nap in the afternoon anymore!  Thanks to Harry and Mystech for improving my body, mind and spirit with these amazing products!"

—  Margaret D., Toronto, ON

I have suffered from digestive issues for years.  As soon as I put my Level 1 bracelet on, I felt a surge of energy in my gut.   I’m now wearing a Level 2 and it has supported me in my 3-month detox and healing journey. 

I've also added the Solfeggio frequency bands to my meditation practice.  I feel they beautifully support and amplify my individual chakra centre work. They’ve really supported a deepening of my practice."

  Carolyn, Toronto, ON

I got the Pre-5G, the Level 1 Band, and am in the trial phases of the Intuition and Transcendence Solfeggio Bands.  I am buzzing on these frequencies!

I also have to say that my sleep has been epic.  So deep and rested and not as much sleep required.  My energy has been balanced, calm, and very centred/clear-minded with loads of stamina.  I recommend these products."


— Kim V., Thornton, ON

The following testimonial is from the couple below.  Two weeks after receiving their first bracelets, they added Mastery Bracelets to their Mystech collection.   Here's the message we received from them later that evening:

Hello Harry,

I wanted to let you know that when we had dinner today, I told him that I had a deep, deep feeling of happiness in me and that I thought it was because of the new bracelet (I also feel whole now!).  He said, I feel the same way, there is a deep happiness in me too...

So there you go!"

— K.T. & B.T., Gulf Islands, B.C.

She > "Physically, I have more stamina.  Energetically, more powerful mediations, and I’m receiving more intuitive insights." (Pre-5G Bracelet)

He —> "I feel more grounded, stable, strong, and confident in what I’m doing — more balanced overall.  I also noticed an old back issue arose and was then quickly resolved.  It felt like it was being brought up to clear it."

— K.T. & B.T., Gulf Islands, B.C.

When I was first introduced to Mystech, I won't lie; I was skeptical. 

It was when I first interviewed Harry for an article about Mystech, and felt his enthusiasm, that I was drawn to trying their products, and I have never looked back.

My first purchase was a Shambala bracelet set (one for myself, and my partner).  I enjoy the fact that Harry followed up with us after the delivery of our products to see how we were feeling. He allowed us to share our story about how it felt, and he continued to check in with us to ensure we were enjoying our bracelets.

I have been so impressed with how it made me feel that I purchased two more bracelets, along with an Ankh lamp that I keep over my bed.  I use that lamp every night, and my sleep has become deeper, and more peaceful.

I want to thank Harry and the team at Mystech for providing such superb products and services.  I highly recommend anyone owning at least one of their products."

— Simone Smith, www.torontocaribbean.com

*Note:  John’s benefits were experienced with him wearing a Level 2 Leather Bracelet in addition to his Level 1 Sport Band 

I could feel the effects in the first few days.  I started to feel more energetic and my sleep was improving.  Within a few weeks my sleep quality was much better.  Usually I have a hard time waking up, snooze is repeatedly used, but since using Mystech I've been consistently waking up energized on first alarm.  I also notice that I'm needing less sleep even waking up before my alarm more often.

My body is feeling more energized and grounded throughout the day. The longer I wear the Mystech the better I feel and the more benefits I discover.  Everyone should give Mystech a try and see what it can do for them.”  

— John R., Toronto, ON

* feel generally calmer, more relaxed, more confident in my recall of information while in conversation, etc.  Less anxiety and reactivity, almost more meditative, more spiritually centred.

* greatly improved sleep cycle, my body “calls“ me to sleep.  Sleep quality is greatly improved as well — I have a much deeper sleep, regardless of the number of hours I get.  (If I wake up in the night for the washroom, I am able to soon fall back into a deep sleep).  Feel like this is translating to much greater physical and mental well-being.

* more focused and can visualize events during conversation, etc. and that aids in retention.

 * I have ‘forgotten’ about arthritic aches that I had been getting and muscle strains heal sooner

 * my increased physical energy level opens up a greater ability to feel lighter about opportunities that flow my way

 * the physical/mental/spiritual benefits are increasing the longer I wear the bracelets, and have been especially noticeable since adding the Pre-5G.”

 — Doreen J., Medicine Hat, AB

Was given a bracelet to try after having a stroke.  I had trouble moving my left side, but once I started to wear it my arm started moving freely so much I took up Zumba.  Visited my stroke doctor and they could not believe how much I have come on.  I will forever keep the bracelet on as it really does help and a stroke you never fully recover from — if I keep it on I will always have that extra help with me.  So thank you Harry for the help, only help I did get as well.”

— Nicola T., Chirk, U.K.

Good Afternoon, Harry and Amanda, I believe these bracelets work as advertised.  Both Wendy and I noticed positive changes in a few days after wearing the bracelets.  We are so pleased with your product, we recommended the bracelets to friends of ours in Everett and they bought a pair from you also.” 

— Joe B., Newmarket, ON

Within 30 minutes of wearing my Pre-5G bracelet my hand was tingling… energy was moving!  For one week, I've worn it non-stop, sleeping in it, showering in it, and I started to notice the arthritic bumps on my fingers are shrinking!  Actually, the arthritic pain in my hands, wrists, and knees has lessened dramatically.  I’m sleeping more deeply too.  Bottom line, I don’t want to take it off."

— Susan S., Calgary, AB

I’m at week two of wearing 3 bracelets; Pre-5G, a tennis bracelet, and the cable expanding bracelet, and there’s no going back!  I’ll be collecting a few more  The first day, my hands felt like brand new hands.  I was able to stretch them and move the joints with no remaining pain (from computer work).  The joints felt fluid again.  I imagine this effect is spreading out across my entire body.  Immediately, I started waking up with the sunrise, without a clock.  It’s as though these bracelets tuned me into the timing of nature.  My sleep is deep, and I feel fully rested on less sleep.  I’m EMF-sensitive, and as far as I can feel, these bracelets have a calming effect on my nervous system, but there’s also a psychological component of feeling PROTECTED.  That thought alone is a powerful shift.  As I see more and more 5G towers going up across Calgary, I don’t feel as compelled to worry or dwell on it.  I’ve also noticed that I have about triple the energy throughout the day, haha! It’s a huge difference.  There’s also small shifts happening in regards to allergies (plugged sinuses and puffy eyes when I wake up), it’s less and less noticeable as each day passes.  Yeah, this is just two weeks.  Excited for what’s to come!"

— Ava M.,  Calgary, AB


When I met Harry I was going through a very stressful and traumatic situation that created so much tension in my body and mind that I was showing signs of physical discomfort.  The moment I put on the Level 2 bracelet I immediately felt a discomfort which transitioned into a drowsiness, and then calmness. When I explained to Harry what I was feeling he asked me if I had slept the night before.  I said that I hadn't, and he went on to explain that the frequencies were magnifying what I needed and so if I felt sleepy it was because I needed sleep.  I took that in and embraced it and after a few hours my symptoms disappeared and I haven't taken it off since.”

— Shanna A., Toronto, ON

Having received my Mystech only a few weeks ago, I can vouch for these life-saving properties.  My mood, balance, sleep, and focus have improved immensely.  So helpful at this wintry time of year.  Thanks!”

— James M.,  Vancouver, BC

I was recovering from whiplash after hitting my head and jolting my neck. I was trying out different holistic healing modalities, and started wearing one of Mystech’s beautiful gemstone bracelets. It helped eliminate the spacey and off-balance sensations that I was experiencing due to the whiplash. I wear it 24/7.”

— S. Huhtala, Sudbury, ON

A cool story I'd like to share with you:

Last time I was at the Oregon Farmers' Market, I gave my mom the extra free bracelet you gave us for purchasing two others.  She was a bit skeptical, but put it on anyway.  A few months later, to my surprise, she called me and wanted me to order her 3 more to give her friends! Apparently, it greatly helped reduce some vertigo she was having!  She continues to wears her bracelet today.  It's great when we can change the minds of the skeptics."

— Maylink, Portland, OR

And here's some testimonials from Halo and our friends down south!

Hello I just wanted to add a review on this product due to the positive difference it has made.

Everything it says it does in the description is true and highly truly recommended you wear one of these. It has helped me on this journey with my own evolution and in turn to then be able to assist others. Feel more grounded, centered and balanced.

Gives you more clarity so eases the over thinking mind and definitely assists in sleep but also recovery. Buy one of these you will not regret it and for your family too, especially children as it blocks out the harmful effects of electronics which in this day and age, they are never away from (computers, phones, ipads etc).

100% recommended. Thank you 🙏🏻🙌🏻

— Gaz Wood

I was one of the skeptics, but after listening to Nadia explain biotechnology I finally felt comfortable to take a leap of faith. I noticed small differences day by day but nothing prepared me for over health i would experience. I feel like my body is finally working on all cylinders. I now have clarity and the ability to concentrate on one task until completion along with self reflection. After 2 weeks of wearing the octave bracelet I am feeling the best I have ever felt physically and mentally."

— James C.

I have worn my 5 bracelets from stones I got from Mystech for years, like a habit. Then I got hit by a car while riding my bike two years ago. I broke my left ankle and my right foot, which had already been through trauma from me being hit by a car 45 years ago. Healing was much slower on my right foot to the point where I have been able to fit my regular shoes for two years. Today, I was limping and received in the mail an OCTAVE and Dragon Triiibe. Not only is my foot no longer hurting, I’ve bent over to pick something up and didn’t have to hold onto the counter or feel the typical twinge in my lower back. I already was a fan but now I have a renewed gratitude for his products. I work with traumatized youth so I plan to expose them to these products to start the healing process. They REALLY work!"

— Renee M. Portland, OR

My 92-year-old father was having difficulty balancing. He fell backwards twice, landing on his hip and elbow and when turning he made a 7-point pivot to turn around. These falls diminished his confidence and he refused to walk outside without assistance.

I have always been interested in frequencies and learned about Mystech through a friend. Sharing the frequency video on Mystech’s website with my father, he agreed to wear two “OCTAVE” bands. It took 9 days for the frequency to harmonize with my father. I asked him how he knew the bands were working, he said he felt the strength in his arms and legs, also he said he had grown to live with vertigo, and it was no longer there. His confidence is back. He hasn’t stopped talking about his renewed strength and balance and claims he would have been bed bound if it wasn’t for the bands.  

Thank you Mystech for providing this vital gift that helps to harmonize our GOD-given frequencies and block out the negative EMF in our environment."

— Marla Gomes

I was battling depression and anxiety for over a year. After less than a week of wearing my 1st Mystech biotech bracelet (yes I have gotten more after this experience) within a few days I remember realizing wow I feel happy. I wanted to cry happy tears. I have since gotten 2 more pieces. My mood is better, my sleep is better, and my intuition and manifestation has increased. I am so grateful that Halo is sharing this gift with the world. Thank you!"

— Anastacia Gialalids

I wear my Schumann Resonance & Solfeggio Frequency bracelets all day, every day. The frequencies truly are healing and help keep me balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually centered and healthy. I also use the Schumann Charged Mixing Balls to charge the water I drink and the water tastes and hydrates better. I share the wisdom of frequency healing and show people the balance difference wearing the bracelet and not almost daily and everyone is always blow away by the instant increase in balance and strength. Great products! I couldn’t be happier!!"

— Aaron Draime

I have been wearing your OCTAVE bracelet for a few months now and all the pain in my wrists have gone. I am so grateful as I had thought that the pain was my “ new normal” after suffering a stroke in 2016 and learning it was a “ side effect” of the meds I was on. I took control of my health and body & this was the last hurdle I had to overcome!!! Wearing your bracelet has been amazing & I have recommended it to many other Aussies already. Thank you very much !!!"

— Sabina, Australia

Mystech products will change your life. I am currently wearing four pieces on a daily basis, and that's only because I lost two pieces! The most immediate way to feel the effects is to wear too many imbedded pieces at one time. You can instantly feel that your body, your energy, needs to adjust to these higher frequencies. It is absolutely amazing. Physical changes to my body since wearing my Mystech jewlery include improved mobility, stronger immune system, a calm digestive system, and, strangely, I often now get compliments on my "glowing, healthy skin". I feel emotionally more grounded, and find it easier to be more fully present in the moment. I am more attuned to energies, both my own and others'. A 17 year old with ADHD wore one band for an hour and felt calm, focused, and super excited that no medication was involved. These products, in any form, in every frequency and frequency combination, will change your life. Amazing synchronicities, wonderful opportunities, incredible people, luck, abundance, health.... true magic, and worth every penny. Looking forward to the tattoo ink!!"

— Robin Torreiro


With the exception of a minor and bothersome pain on my lower back, I really don't suffer from any major infirmities that I know of (thank God). Still, I have definitely benefited from these bracelets. Even though I used to sleep my eight hours every night, I never felt like I truly rested. Now, believe it or not, even though I'm only sleeping for 5-6 hours a night, I wake up fully rested and fully refreshed. I have even started dreaming again, which I haven't done in a while. Being that I'm now getting the best sleep of my life, I wake up happy and energized. When you feel happy and energized, you feel positive and operate on a high frequency and/or vibration. When you are in that state of feeling positive and operating on a high vibration, you begin to attract all kinds of positive things and situations into your life. All to say, that these bracelets have truly changed my life in a very positive way. Oh, by the way, that mild but annoying pain on my lower back, gone! So yes, investing in these bracelets is well worth it!"

— Isabel M. Peña

I have the Copper Bracelet and a Crystal Necklace, I feel more balanced, aligned and focused now that I have been wearing them. I would recommend this to any and everyone. I tell all of my friends and colleagues about the amazing effects Mystech has had on my health in every single way! I have purchased several bracelets for friends and family members and everyone has had rave reviews!"

— Andrea Montano 

I first purchased two of the Mineral Stretch Bracelets - Carnelian and Tiger's Eye. They helped with my energy a lot, and calmed my nervous system down. I found that I could do more with the same amount of sleep and that things that before had unsettled me didn't upset me as much. My body also felt more energized and flexible. So then after about two months with them, I ordered the Dragon Bracelet and the 111 Pendant. Adding those two feels like I have dropped deeper into my body and my essence. I feel calmer and happier, even with the new school year starting which usually feels more stressful. I have been wearing all of them since I got them. They are amazing! Thank you so much for creating and sharing them. My life is very much enriched."

— Heather Dutton, Alameda, CA

I bought the beautiful and awesome Sun Frequency pyrite 126.22hz. I hyperextended my left knee and could not stand firmly on just my left leg at all to get dressed. I would have to lean or hold onto a wall to slowly put on my pants on leg at a time every day. At a show, once I held the Sun Frequency Bracelet, Immediately I am grounded to the ground, and my legs are standing firm even when I lift up my right leg and only stood on my left leg. There is still some aching pain in the knee but no longer throbbing. Astounding and Amazing. The 852 Hz band is like a LOA quantum cellphone sim card that will connecting you to part of a Scalar vibrational spectrum. Such a wonderful peaceful and calm feeling when I put it on. I am Truly Grateful to Master Marques for your time and efforts in producing such revolutionary products!"

— Alex WL Lee

My body has been my own worst enemy as long as I can remember. I have struggled with chronic pain since childhood. I have had female problems since being a teenager which resulted in reproductive issues as an adult, including painful cysts and later, infertility. The pain was unmanageable even by narcotics. I was complementing getting a hysterectomy to end the pain but knowing that would mean never having another child.

End of April that year was when my sister introduced me to her new skin care products/company Propriis featuring Mystech technology. I loved the skin care line and could tell an immediate difference in my skin using it. So I kept using it and carried her lip balm with the tin also being Mystech imbued everywhere. Within the first month I was having to take my med less frequently and my cycle came exactly when it should have, with no pain. Let me say this again.. NO PAIN! I cried for a whole new reason. I felt like a new person.

By December I ended up with the master bracelet, the serotontin necklace and several base bracelets. I also got the best gift of all - a positive pregnancy test after 18 years of negatives.

Since then I gave birth to a healthy baby, whom also wears her own Mystech, come off all but one of my prescriptions out of a long list of them.

I just got the OCTAVE bracelet and loving the effects of that!"

— Tara Racca

I bought one of these bracelets and I have felt like a complete new person...I wear it 24/7 and can really tell the difference of how my body feels now compared to before... no more terrible headaches or sleeplessness..I recommend this to anyone that wants to feel better inside their body."

— Michael Wilson

Our 4-year-old daughter caught a cold and typically she'll bounce back within a few days. She'd be bouncing off walls again in no time. It was mostly the same this time, except she couldn't seem to get rid of her cough. She would cough through the night, keeping herself and everyone else up. The doctor said "she checks out fine, just wait it out." We did, but after nearly 2 months of waiting, we knew something was up. This can't be normal. We tried every remedy that we and our circle could think of, essential oils (that are safe for littles), herbal remedies, therapeutic massage, chiropractic, even some western medicines. They all helped a little, but not enough. Then one night, I looked outside and saw there was one of those new flat 5G street lamps outside that had been installed about 40 ft from the bedroom. I thought, "No way... Could it be that?" We already had Mystech bands but my daughter took hers off for a while because it interfered with her climbing and playing dress up. That night, I put her Level 2 Silicone Band on her ankle, and guess what - she didn't cough all night. I thought, "WOAH! It works! No. Wait, wait..... maybe it's a coincidence." That morning, I asked her to do daddy a favor and keep it on for a few days. I told her it's a "magic bracelet" that heals her "energy body." We wanted to see if it would help her stop coughing. She felt she had Elsa powers (from Frozen for those not in the know) so she was all on board. Next night, no cough. 3rd night, no cough. 2-weeks, no cough. At that point, I told her she's going to have to keep her magic bracelet on because we think it's healing her energy body and making it strong. Now, she REALLY felt like Elsa with energy healing powers, so she's perfectly happy. It's now been a year, she's 5 and wears another prettier one she chose herself. We've never run into any issues since then. I'm a huge believer and advocate for these. I'd highly recommend for kids, even if you don't think they need it. From my personal experience, it could be a solution to something that typical western or even eastern medicine can't figure out."

— Ruben Carrillo


Hi, I came across your products at the NY expo this past June. I was immediately impressed with the arm/push test. (Have since done it on numeral people 🤭). Anyway , my sleep immediately improved and I no longer wake up stiff and achey. Highly recommend these bracelets and have had several friends purchase them."

— Jeanie


I’m a bit of an audio snob. I have multiple earphones for different purposes from Zoom business calls, to a pair of Bose QC35 ii noise cancelling headphones (over-ear) that have superb sound quality. Understanding the power of frequencies and being a huge Mystech fan of many years, I was curious to try the Mystro Mini ear buds. All I can say is I am completely blown away at this experience. I don’t think is quite describable because it is so different from any other headset experience I’ve ever had. While it’s not in the realm of a closed-ear, noise cancelling Bose headset (that would be an unfair comparison) the sound quality is superb! But it’s far more than that. This is not just about hearing music, it’s also feeling the music. It feels like an instant meditation. It’s instantly calming. Of course that has something to do with my music selection, but this isn’t just an auditory experience. They are light and comfortable, unlike any ear buds I have tried so far. I’m delighted to have these! Another Mystech miracle!

Lynne Snead


When I met Halo Marques almost a year ago I had major stomach issues that would put me in the hospital once a month for a week or to at a time. Normally when this would happen I would be in there for internal bleeding and usually undergo an upper endoscopy. When I informed Halo of my condition he instantly gave me a level 1 and I felt better. I wore it for a month then bought my second level one. Now I wear five level 1's and 6 level 3's and I have not had a hospital trip in almost a year. I am thankful for having the chance to finally find something to help my condition after two years of doctors telling me they can't figure it out!! Mystech is the future!!!"

– Keith Burtt

One of many Arizonians positively impacted by Halo’s return to The Copper State! 💫

I first tried this at Conscious Life Expo and immediately felt my energy field to be affected in a positive, powerful way!  My girlfriend got me this as a present and I feel so naked without it!  With lifetime warranty I feel the price is fair — I can’t really put into exact detail on exactly how this affected me positively because I am surrounded by various other awesome healing modalities, but I just freaking love this thing and it makes my heart feel happy and safe and my energy and my blood feels more bright! :)  Fibromyalgia and trauma symptoms are not as loud and I can be on the computer a bit longer without drain!”

— Jay Won

I wasn't sure what to expect adding Mystech products to my life but ordered some bracelets and a necklace, taking a chance. I have had success addressing frequencies in my home through some unrelated frequency / EMF products but nothing wearable until today.  I received 2 copper bracelets just now and within 5 minutes, mild, but persistent inflammation in my right shoulder was already gone. I tested my shoulder with a kettlebell shoulder press.  The lifting pattern was smoother, more fluid, and stronger (a few extra reps), and less neck tension.  I'm awaiting more products with much enthusiasm to see what more can be improved.  To me and probably many of you, frequency / energy products appear suspicious and scammy (I am still suspicious of many that I have reviewed).   This product has already delivered as advertised.  Well worth the price.   I spent many years as a physical therapist treating injured shoulders.  Tendonitis is not easy to get rid of.  These bracelets calmed mine down in 5 minutes!  This business needs exposure and deserves to prosper.  I highly recommend to anyone with body aches and pains to take a chance on these bracelets / necklaces.  Thank you!" 

— Kevin Montgomery, PA

I hate these headphones they changed music for me. What the f**k? I look at all the songs in a diff way now. Before I was like yeah, what a dope song. Now I'm like ready to cry. I listen to sad songs lmao. I hate love them! I'm like wow! Thank you so much!"

— Sonam Yangki, Portland, OR

I had dislocated my elbow in a cycling accident and my arm was stuck at 90 degrees; I lost my flexion, extension, pivot, and had no strength to lift literally anything (I do weight training so, not being able to lift an empty teacup was pretty devastating, to say the least).

I put these bracelets on, did my physical training, and only a matter of months later, I was stronger than before my injury- with still torn ligaments. Not only that - my lifelong OCD and the anxiety that came with it went away, my necessary sleeping hours reduced, my flexibility greatly improved (and I've been doing yoga for half my life), my strength increased, significantly fewer headaches, and other improvements."  

– Nadia Ali

I met Halo Marques back in 2011, I think.  He talked about Reiki healing and crystals.  Everyone thought he was crazy but I was always intrigued, especially when he got rid of my migraines.  Now I've bought a few of his pieces throughout the years, 1 that has always been in the center of every home I've had.  I've always had anxiety but lately my levels have been thru the roof.  I ordered a beautiful rose quartz piece to be greeted with another amazing piece and some of my old faithful white bracelets, which I would rock all the time.  Not lying within 5 minutes of putting the stones on I feel like I can breathe, weight lifting off my chest and my mind feeling light.  I know so many people who feel like me or worse than me, especially right now.  I urge you to take a second and check out what he has.  Feeling like this is worth every penny!" 

– Amanda Mariani, Phoenix, AZ

I got my necklace and my bracelet from Mystech a month ago.  I normally get very bad migraines everyday, I have carpal tunnel in both my wrists, have tried a lot of things to stop the pain but nothing would work.  I tried the Mystech bracelet and necklace and I haven't had pain in my wrist or my head in a month.  I would recommend a Mystech necklace, bracelet, or anything they have if you get bad migraines, or have carpal tunnel!!  I love Mystech, thank you so much Halo Marques for introducing me to it." 

– Chelise Conklin

It's only been a few short months since I was introduced to Mystech.  And with all of the issues it can help with, I've mostly noticed a balance in my moods!!  As well as helping me sleep easier, and more energy throughout the day.  We believe in Mystech so much, we gave my mom, little sister, grandmother and both our cats a piece.  Thank you guys for changing the game!!" 

 – Shanel Dawn

I got my bracelet from Mystech a month ago.  I normally deal with bad anxiety every day.  I have dealt with anxiety for years, I've tried many ways to stop my anxiety but nothing has worked.  Then I tried Mystech and used their bracelet, and I haven't had anxiety in a month.  I would recommend Mystech bracelets and other accessories, or anything they have if you have anxiety problems.  I love Mystech, thank you so much Halo Marques for introducing me to it." 

 – Joey Lederer




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