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This is Mystech’s first video message to the World, introducing Mystech and its proprietary Resonance Technology.  In the video, Halo uses muscle testing to demonstrate the immediate effect of Proton Alignment.  Muscles respond instantly; imagine if your whole system was supported by this frequency all of the time.  Try it risk-free with our 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.  Take the Mystech Challenge today — Welcome to the Future!


A third-party challenged Mystech technology to prove its impact on the body.  A subject named Charissa (who had never experienced Mystech before) took a live blood analysis, and a baseline was set.  We then provided her with Level 2 jewelry, and after 4 hours, she repeated the analysis.

The results were incredible:  improved oxygenation, near-total reduction of parasites, and a dramatic increase in overall blood flow.

Watch the video and see the testing for yourself...


This video is a compilation of different tests and experiments which are often performed live when Mystech exhibits at markets and shows.  You can see the reactions of people filmed live as they experience Mystech for the first time.  From increased strength to balance to mobility, the effect of the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) is immediate and apparent. It takes up to a week for the Frequency to balance the system fully; these experiments are done within just a few minutes.


An almost too-simple illustration of how the frequency of 7.83Hz interrupts the transmission of electro-magnetic radiation.  

When you come into contact with Mystech, your body establishes resonance with the imprinted frequency of 7.83Hz — you literally become that frequency.  So, imagine your body as the Silver Lightning band in the video.  

That’s the power of Mystech.


'Resonance – Beings of Frequency' is a profound, eye-opening documentary revealing 60 years of scientific research into the impact of living in a virtual sea of man-made EMF technologies and wireless frequencies. 

Earth has always had a natural resonance.  As long as there has been Life upon it, that life has developed while bathing in this frequency.  We are still discovering the deep relationship between this natural frequency and our well-being.  

The latest research is starting to show how being in connection with this resonance of 7.83Hz  is completely vital to us.  It forms the basis of health in our body and mind, it lays the foundation for our circadian rhythms, and it supports our immune system and overall quality of life.  *Please watch the first 13 minutes for an introduction to the significance of this frequency, the Schumann Resonance.*


Recall experiences when you’ve spent extended time outdoors (camping, for example).  It’s common to have more energy, sleep more soundly, and feel refreshed and renewed.  Often that’s attributed to fresh, clean air, and the fresh air reasonably does deserve some credit.  Something else happens, though, when we step outside of our urban environments:  we experience a significant reduction in EMF exposure.  In the subsequent absence of negative, disruptive electronic frequencies, the body is better able to naturally realign with the Earth’s natural frequency — in effect the entire system gets a kind of ‘reboot’ and everything just feels better.  Unfortunately, our return to civilization returns us to those same disruptive frequencies.  With Mystech, we’re able to provide you with this natural frequency that you’re then able to have with you at all times, wherever you are, in all environments.

This natural frequency is 7.83 Hz, commonly known as the Schumann Resonance.  Global electromagnetic “resonances” are generated by the excitation of lightning discharges in the cavity formed between Earth’s surface and its ionosphere.  As Earth-born beings, our brains and bodies share some of these frequencies that are created naturally by the earth; everything alive is connected in some form of electromagnetic circle of life.

“If you wish to understand the universe, think of Energy, Frequency and Vibration” – Nikola Tesla