Okay, so just what is this exactly?
This is jewelry that has been imprinted, or ‘charged’ with 7.83Hz, Earth’s natural frequency.  Some items (such as the Mastery Bracelet, Solfeggio Bands, and the Pre-5G Solution) are imprinted with additional frequencies.

Imprinted... and how do you do that?
Our proprietary imprinting process is accomplished via a one-of-a-kind machine based on Nikola Tesla's research.  Millions of dollars were invested in the modification of the machine and the development of the imprinting process.  Essentially, we’re able to introduce a frequency into solid metals, minerals, and other items.  Those items then become emitters of that new frequency.  This proprietary process is adjusted for each product, as each product is made of unique materials, and therefore specific and precise calibration is required.

How long does the ‘charge’ last?
Based on the understood fundaments of electromagnetic theory, the charge will be held for 300 to 400 years.

Does this item need to be cleared or charged or maintained in any way?
No.  Mystech products do not need to be recharged or maintained, and the imprinting is essentially permanent (see above answer).  As far as clearing, the practices of clearing crystals are age-old.  We encourage the researching of these practices; should they resonate with you, we also encourage applying them to Mystech mineral products.

How should I wear this?
Any way you wish!  As long as it’s as much as possible, especially during sleep.  The more you wear it, the more the frequency is able to influence your system.

What about the shower?
The shower is safe *except* for our leather products (Clasp Leather, Prometheus, Sparkle Leather).  We suggest removing these items before showering, and generally limiting their exposure to water (the frequency will be fine, but the leather will wear sooner).  All other products are a-ok to get wet.

Where should I wear it?
Anywhere you wish!  The technology is effective regardless of where on the body it’s located.  There is a proximal affect, so if there is a particular area of the body that you wish to target (perhaps pain in a particular wrist), then wearing it on that wrist will provide a more immediate and direct impact.  Regardless of where it’s located, after about a week the frequency will have influenced the entire system, with stabilized cellular function beginning to take effect throughout the body.

NOTE:  The frequency impacts the body the instant it touches it.  This has been verified through hundreds of thousands of muscle tests.  To see just how quickly the body can respond to that impact, and how profound the effects can be, please view the Live Blood Analysis video here.

DOUBLE NOTE:  The frequency field extends about an inch, so the item does not need to be against the skin to be effective.  We often muscle test people by placing Mystech on their clothed shoulder, or even on top of their shoes.  Having it in a pocket is an excellent and fully valid way of utilizing and receiving the benefits of this technology — as long as it’s within an inch of your body.

What sizes are your bracelets?
All items not listed in Size come in our "Medium" size option, approximately 7.5 inches in circumference.  As for the other sizing, below are the approximate inches in circumference.  Please note, this may vary to a small degree.

Small:  6.5 Inches
Medium:  7.5 Inches
Large:  8.25 Inches

What does “Level 2” mean?
The products are available in two strengths or potencies, with most items being Level 2.

So if I wear two Level 1’s, is that the same as a Level 2?
Actually, the strength increase is logarithmic, so a Level 2 item is approximately 10 times as potent as a Level 1.

Wait, the Pre-5G Solution says it’s a Level 2.5... explain!
Aha, good eye!  It’s true, there is indeed a third strength, Level 2.5, and it’s found in the Pre-5G bracelet.  The intent of this item is to provide the strongest and most comprehensive protection possible from the effects of microwave frequencies.  It’s a powerful product.

Speaking of protection, just how does this protect me from EMF?
Our bodies naturally resonate with 7.83Hz.  Urban living limits our exposure to this natural frequency.  Alternate, man-made, exogenous frequencies surround us, at a much greater strength than what Nature is emitting at 7.83Hz.  These frequencies overwhelm Nature’s signal, create distortion in our personal electromagnetic field, and disrupt our natural electronic functioning.

With Mystech, we’re providing you with a localized source of the 7.83Hz signal (what you would be receiving from Nature), at a strength that is able to re-establish your body’s natural (and thus preferred) resonance with 7.83Hz.  Like a tuning fork, Mystech provides the frequency for your body to ‘sing-along’ to.  Once this harmonic resonance is established, the body is no longer as available to resonate with, and thus far less susceptible to the dis-harmonic influence of man-made frequencies.  Essentially, rather than giving you an external ‘blocker’ or ‘shield’ to attempt to keep EMF from reaching you, Mystech enables your body to become the barrier.  As far as we understand, it’s the most effective EMF protection there is.

Can you tell me a little more about 7.83Hz?
Sure can.  Research by Professor Winfried Schumann (Tech. University of Munich) on test subjects showed that if the earth’s natural magnetic resonant field was removed, our health would quickly deteriorate.  In an attempt to reverse that process, a frequency generator was utilized to introduce artificial magnetic fields into the test chamber and it was discovered that 7.83Hz was the ideal frequency to support life.  That frequency, 7.83Hz is now known as the Schumann Resonance.

What can it heal?
Mystech itself does not heal.  It does however, establish the conditions that can allow the body, with its remarkable innate regenerative, restorative, and adaptive ability, to heal itself.  The frequency of 7.83Hz exerts its influence at the molecular level, aligning protons and stabilizing cellular function.  This means the body and its systems are benefitting at the most fundamental level.  These benefits can then be scaled up from this level, and will be expressed uniquely for each individual.

We are electrical beings.  Mystech’s imprinted frequency refines and clarifies the operation of our electrical system.  Given the interconnectedness of all of the systems of the Human Being, this can then translate into physical, mental, and emotional improvements.  To illustrate this, please review the following list: 

Pain – Arthritis – ADHD – Rotator Cuff – Fibromyalgia
Sciatica – OCD – Carpal Tunnel – Back Pain – Memory
Tennis Elbow – Anxiety – Tremors – Sleeping Disorders
Vertigo – Motion Sickness – Dance Moves*

*Our apologies, but Mystech Products cannot help with this one

 This list is comprised of direct customer feedback, ailments/effects that have received a minimum of 5000 testimonials each.  This is far from an exhaustive list of what benefits individuals have experienced, merely those benefits that have reached the 5000 testimonial threshold.  With a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, there is every reason to discover what effect that Mystech will have on You!